VarioLED+ LED Lamp Magnifier 1.9x-2.5x

‎EschenbachSKU: 105631

Magnification: 1.9x
Optional Table Base: Standard Clamp Base
Sale price$1,685.10


Meet the VarioLED+ LED Lamp Magnifier from Eschenbach Optik! This versatile desktop lamp magnifier features uniform brightness provided by a ring of 64 adjustable LED's.

The lamp head has 6 joints to ensure that the magnifier can be positioned for optimum clarity. Mount to a desk or table using the provided clamp, or add the sturdy cast-iron tabletop base.

There are three grey buttons on the top of the lamp head that control the different functions. The power button turns the lights on and off, the dimming button adjusts the amount of illumination by level, and the segment button turns parts of the LED ring off to provide customized lighting zones.

The VarioLED+ is ideal for anyone that need hands-free magnification with a lens that can easily be moved around to where it is needed such as when reading, doing needlepoint or doing hobby work.

Magnification: 1.9x / 2.5x
Diopter: 3.5D / 6D
Illumination: LED Ring of 84 long-lasting LEDs
Adjustable Brightness: 40%, 60%, 100% brightness)
Lens Type: Aspherical
Lens Material: PXM lens
Lens Coating: Cera-tec coating
Power Source: AC
Lens Size: 5.2 in. (132mm)
Weight - Lamp and arm: 3.02 lb
Weight - Optional Base: 13 lb
Dimensions: 31.5 in (800 mm) adjustable neck, 6 joints on magnifier head for optimum positioning
Miscellaneous: Optional cast iron table base available

Powerful Magnification and Adjustable Illumination with the VarioLED+ Lamp Magnifier

he VarioLED+ magnified lamp from Eschenbach offers a versatile and user-friendly solution for hands-free magnification tasks. Choose between 1.9x and 2.5x magnification to suit your needs, and enjoy clear, shadow-free viewing thanks to the large 5.2-inch aspheric lens and a ring of 84 long-lasting LEDs. The adjustable brightness with three levels (40%, 60%, and 100%) allows you to customize the lighting for optimal comfort.

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The VarioLED+ features a 31.5-inch adjustable neck with six joints on the magnifier head, allowing for precise positioning and optimal viewing angles. The included table clamp mounts to surfaces up to 18-74mm thick. Additionally, you can purchase the optional 13-pound cast iron table stand for added stability (sold separately). This versatile lamp magnifier is ideal for various tasks requiring hands-free magnification and adjustable lighting, such as reading, crafting, and hobby work.

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