EasyPOCKET XL LED Pocket Magnifier 2.5x

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From Eschenbach:

The easyPOCKET XL features a large 75x50mm aspheric / diffractive hybrid lens that is distortion-free and extremely thin (only 3 mm). Bright illumination is provided by SMD LED technology, with bulbs that never need to be changed. Plus, with a built-in sensor, the light conveniently goes on and off when the magnifier is opened and closed. It also includes a pull-out stand for use as a hands-free magnifier!

The easyPOCKET XL lens is protected by a strong glass-fiber reinforced plastic case that minimizes scratching. Patients can choose between either a silver or black case. They are perfect for patients looking for a small, illuminated magnifier that is easy to travel with and use in restaurants and other dimly lit locations.

Magnification: 2.5x
Diopter: 6D
Illumination: SMD LED
Lens Type: Aspheric / diffractive hybrid
Power Source: Flat button battery CR2025
Lens Size: 2.95 in. x 1.96 in. ( 0.11 in. thick)
Warranty: Manufacturers Limited lifetime warranty
Accessories: Glass fiber reinforced plastic case

Video: The EasyPocket Handheld Illuminated Pocket Magnifier

See More With the Eschenbach easyPOCKET XL 2.5x LED Magnifier

Carry magnification power wherever you go with the easyPOCKET XL. This ultra-thin, pocket-sized magnifier boasts a large 2.95" x 1.96" lens for a clear, distortion-free 2.5x view. The built-in LED light automatically illuminates when you open it, perfect for low-light situations. Choose from vibrant colors and enjoy a durable case for travel protection. It's the perfect on-the-go companion for everyday magnification needs.

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Excellent Design

Excellent design with a solid case and built-in stand. Magnification quality is very good. Use in a poorly lit environment is ideal with a brilliant light.