Large Field Rectangular Biconvex Handheld Magnifier

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Magnification Level/Size: 2x - 3.93"x1.96"
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From Eschenbach:

The Large Field series of Biconvex hand-held magnifiers offers the largest fields available to their power range. This product features: a large field biconvex lens, a transparent mount for shadow-free viewing, 5x bifocal lens in handle, and a slot in the handle to fit the included carrying cord!

Magnification: 2x-2.5x with 5x Bifocal
Diopter: 3.9D - 5D options
Lens Type: Biconvex
Lens Material: PXM Plastic
Lens Coating: Duplex Coating
Mount: Transparent PXM
Lens Size: 3.93"x1.96" to 4.72"x2.16" options
Warranty: Manufacturers: Limited lifetime warranty
Accessories: Case can be ordered separately
Miscellaneous: Comes with slot in handle and carrying cord

See More, Clearly: Eschenbach Large Field Rectangular Biconvex Magnifier

Experience expansive magnification with the Eschenbach Large Field rectangular biconvex magnifying glass. This handheld magnifier boasts a wide viewing area ideal for reading magazines, newspapers, or maps. Its 2x or 2.5x magnification power, combined with a built-in 5x bifocal lens, offers flexibility for various tasks. The transparent mount allows for shadow-free viewing, while the durable PXM plastic lens resists scratches.

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Large Views, Lasting Quality: Eschenbach Large Field Rectangular Biconvex Magnifier

Discover exceptional clarity and a comfortable reading experience with the Eschenbach Large Field rectangular biconvex handheld magnifier. This magnifier features a large viewing area for tackling newspapers, magazines, or maps with ease. Choose from 2x or 2.5x magnification, with a handy 5x bifocal lens built into the handle for close-up tasks. The transparent mount eliminates shadows, while the PXM plastic lens ensures durability and scratch resistance.

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