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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
Image showing the right side and front of the Acesight VR wearable smart glasses.
Image of Zoomax USA Snow 12 Portable Desktop Video Magnifier CCTV
Image of side view of the Acesight S augmented reality glasses from Zoomax USA
Side view of the Acesight smart glasses from Zoomax.
Image of front of Zommax USA Luna S handheld video magnifier
Image of front of Luna HD 24 Pro Desktop Video Magnifier CCTV
Front view of the Luna 8 Handheld Video Magnifier from Zoomax USA
Image of the Luna 6 hand-held digital magnifier from Zoomax enlarging and image.

Introducing Zoomax: Video Magnifiers and Vision Aids

Zoomax offers a full line of video magnifiers and wearable vision aids; all at an affordable price.

From the pocket-sized Luna S hand-held video magnifier, to the portable Snow 12, to the full-featured Luna HD 24 Pro desktop video magnifier (CCTV); Zoomax has a magnifier to fit every need.

Zoomax is also revolutionizing wearable assistive tech for the visually impaired with their line of AceSight AR and AceSight VR glasses.

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