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Image of a GoVision digital video magnifier CCTV

Today's video magnifiers are a far cry from the big, clunky, difficult to use CCTV's of the past. Featuring large crystal-clear displays, HD cameras, autofocus, and OCR text-to-speech, 2024's digital video magnifiers are improving the quality of life and independence for the visually impaired.  Without further ado, here is our list of the best video magnifiers available in 2024 (so far).

Top Pick Overall: GoVision Pro from HIMS Inc

Image of a GoVision Pro desktop video magnifier from HIMs Inc

The GoVision Pro portable desktop video magnifier from HIMS Inc get's our top spot because it offers a wide range of features and all the benefits of a large 24" desktop video magnifier; but it's folding design and light weight make it portable as well. 

The GoVision Pro offers near object magnification up to 73x and 7 high-contrast color modes; even the smallest text becomes easy to read.

A few more features that set this video magnifier apart are full-page OCR for text to speech, distance and self-view modes, compatibility with Windows, Mac, Apple or Android, ability to read a wide variety of document and image files and much, much more.  The GoVision Pro is our top pick because it packs in the most features available on the market, without being the most expensive.

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Smallest Video Magnifier: Read 3 from OrCam

Released late in 2023, the Read 3 All-in-One video magnifier from OrCam is a

Image of the OrCam Read 3 digital video magnifier and smart reader casting image to large screen.

game-changer when it comes to portability and functionality.  This latest evolution of the OrCam Read takes all the smart reading functionality and adds currency recognition, barcode reading, and most importantly: web-based video magnifying.

Cast a live or still image to any web-enabled display including laptops, tablets, and smart TV's.  Magnify up to 20x, adjust color contrast, pan the image, and use OCR and Text to Speech to have the text read aloud.  The newest features also include the ability to convert handwriting, even cursive, to block text.

Click here to learn more about the OrCam Read 3.

Best Budget Video Magnifier: Snow S from Zoomax

Image of the Luna S hand-held video magnifier from Zoomax USA

With a crystal-clear 4.3" display and 10 high-contrast color options; the Luna S from Zoomax USA is a great pocket video magnifier.  The fact that you get a great suite of features for less than $400 makes it our pick for the best budget video magnifier for 2023.  The Luna S magnifies up to 19x, allowing you to read tiny text or view distant objects.  This compact, discreet magnifier is perfect for students, seniors, or working professionals are looking for a lot of features at a budget price.

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Best Hand-held Video: Smartlux Digital from Eschenbach

Image of the Smartlux Digital 5" hand-held video magnifier from Eschenbach Optic

Long known for producing some of the highest quality lens magnifiers on the market, Eschenbach Optik also has a line of high-quality digital video magnifiers.  While it may lack a few of the features you find on some more recent releases, the attention to build quality and durability of the Smartlux make it ideal for a device that will likely be carried in a pocket or purse. 

The 5" HD screen, combined with 10 high-contrast color modes and up to 15x magnification make reading even the smallest text easy.  Use the integrated stand for hands-free magnification when writing or enjoying your hobbies.  The Smartlux Digital is the perfect choice for someone who wants a powerful, small, durable digital magnifier.

Learn more about the Smartlux Digital Video Magnifier 

Best Portable Digital Video Magnifier: Snow 12 from Zoomax

Image of the Snow 12 video magnifier from Zoomax USA

The perfect combination of portability, but with a large 12" full HD 1920x1080p display.  View, scan, or load documents and images; then magnify up to 19x or choose from one of 10 high-contrast color modes to make text even more visible.  The Snow 12 also features OCR text-to-speech in up to 20 languages.  Just hit a button, and the magnifier will read documents for you!  The included stand elevates the magnifier off your work area, allowing you to illuminate and magnify hands-free.

The Snow 12 from Zoomax is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a portable video magnifier, but with a larger screen than your standard hand-held models.  This digital video magnifier also packs in more features than most others at the same price point.

Learn More about the Snow !2 Portable Digital Video Magnifier

While these are our favorites for 2023, there are dozens of other options available to you.  Like the GoVision Pro, but don't think you'll use all the features?  Check out the the features and affordability of Zoomax's Snow 12,  Want a larger screen desktop model?  Check out the Luna HD 24.  You have more choices in video magnifier CCTV's than ever before

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