VisoPOCKET Folding Magnifier - 2.5x

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Case Color: Black
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Quickly and easily read small text with the compact VisoPOCKET from Eschenbach Optik. The cut-out tab on the high-quality leather case allows for easy access to the precision 2.5x

A cut-out tab on the corner of the case allows for the lens to be pulled out quickly, and folded back into the case when not needed.

The slim 1/3" design allows the VisoPOCKET to be easily fits into most pant and shirt pockets; and allows you to discreetly read menus, price tags, maps, bills, prescriptions and more!

Magnification: 2.5x
Diopter: 6D
Lens Type: Diffractive aspheric lens type
Lens Material: PXM plastic lens
Lens Size: 2.9'' L x 1.9'' W x 0.07'' H (74 mm x 48 mm x 2 mm)
Style: Folding Pocket
Case Dimensions:: 3.35'' L x 2.15'' W x 0.3'' H (85mm x 54mm x 7mm)
Warranty: Manufacturer Limited lifetime warranty
Accessories: Built-in leather case

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