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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 products
Image of the Eschenbach Microlux 6x18mm Monocular Telescope
Image of the front of the Microlux 4x13mm Monocular from Eschenbach
Image of the Eschenbach Magno 8x21mm Monocular
Image of the Magno 6x16mm Monocular from Eschenbach.
Image of the Eschenbach Magno 4x12mm Monocular.
Image of the Magno 3x20mm Monocular from Eschenbach.
Image of the Eschenbach Focusable Keplerian Monocular 6x17mm.

Powerful and Pocket-Sized Monoculars

Compact and discreet, today's monoculars come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and magnification levels.

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Traditional Magnifying Glasses

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Video Magnifiers of all Sizes

Low Vision Supply offers digital video magnifiers to meet every need. One of the most versatile and valuable tools for the visually impaired, today's video magnifiers range in size from pocket-sized hand held magnifiers to large-screen desktop CCTV's.

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Pocket Sized Magnifiers

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Image of the Eschenbach easyPocket 6x LED pocket magnifier.
‎Eschenbach EasyPOCKET LED Pocket Magnifier 6x
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Image of black EasyPOCKET XL 2.5x LED magnifier from Eschenbach Optik
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Not Sure Which Monocular is Right for You?

We are here to help! Contact us today and our team of experts will guide you to the right monocular to meet your needs.

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Digital Video Magnifiers

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Image showing the right side and front of the Acesight VR wearable smart glasses.
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Image of the Orcam Myeye 3 Pro AI Vision Assistant attached to included glasses.
OrCam OrCam MyEye® 3 Pro - AI Vision Assistant
Sale price$4,250.00 Regular price$4,490.00
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Image of Zoomax USA Snow 12 Portable Desktop Video Magnifier CCTV

Monoculars for the Classroom or the Field

Easily focus on what's being presented in class, or take your new monocular on the go to see distant objects.

Dome, Bar, and Page Magnifiers

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Image of LumiVisor hands free magnified headlamp from Carson Optical

Hobby Magnifiers

Vision loss can make continuing our favorite hobbies, or learning new ones difficult. The right magnifier, though can make a world of difference.

Low Vision Supply offers a wide variety of wearable hands-free magnifiers, lighted magnifiers, magnified desk lamps and more - curated specifically with the low-vision hobbyist in mind!

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