Folding Metal Loupe Magnifier 6x-12x

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Magnification Level: 6x
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From Eschenbach:

Traditional, technical folding magnifiers provide the high power optics and durability to meet any industry standard.

Aplanatic Lens - Provides a distortion-free image. The two plano-convex glass lenses offer distortion-free, superior optics throughtout the viewing field.

It has a black metal lens frame and a chrome-plated brass handl

Magnification: Available in 6x - 12x
Lens Size: 0.9 in.
Lens Type: Aplanatic
Mount: Black metal lens frame, chrome-plated brass handle

Professional Precision: The Eschenbach Folding Metal Loupe Magnifier

Built for demanding tasks, the Eschenbach Precision Folding Metal Loupe Magnifier offers exceptional clarity and durability. Choose from 6x, 8x, 10x, or 12x magnification to suit your specific needs, and experience distortion-free viewing thanks to the high-grade aplanatic lenses.

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This Eschenbach loupe magnifier is crafted with professionals in mind. The robust metal construction ensures it can withstand everyday use, while the aplanatic lenses deliver consistently sharp, color-accurate images.

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