Mobilent LED Folding Pocket Magnifier - 4x-10x

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Magnification: 4x
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From Eschenbach:

The Mobilent LED is a folding pocket magnifier that offers high magnification in a compact size with added illumination. Its built-in case is designed to provide complete protection for the lens when not in use. The LED light can be turned on when needed by pressing the button on the bottom of the magnifier case, thereby providing extra light for reading indoors or in dimly lit environments.

An 18” lanyard is included with each Mobilent LED magnifier which can be threaded through the loop hole in the magnifier case and worn around the neck. The quick-release clasp on the lanyard allows the magnifier to be easily unhooked when needed.

The Mobilent LED is ideal for near spotting tasks such as reading price tags, prescriptions, labels and more. Due to its compact size, it fits easily into a pocket or purse and is ideal for magnifying small print discretely.

Magnification: 4x, 7x, 10x
Diopter: 16D, 28D, 38D
Illumination: LED
Lens type: Bi-aspheric lens type
Lens material: PXM plastic lens
Power source: Battery included (CR2032)
Lens coating: Cera-tec coating
Lens size: 1.37 inches
Style: Folding pocket magnifier
Dimensions: 2 inches W x 1 inch D
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty
Accessories: 18-inch blue Eschenbach lanyard included

How to Attach the Eschenbach Mobilent LED Lanyard

Illuminate Your World, Magnify Life: Eschenbach Mobilent LED Folding Pocket Magnifier

Struggle with small print or dim lighting? The Eschenbach Mobilent LED folding pocket magnifier shines a light on clarity. This versatile tool boasts three high-quality magnifications (4x, 7x, and 10x) for effortless detail exploration, even in low light. Its built-in LED light illuminates the scene, while the bi-aspheric lenses ensure distortion-free viewing. Compact and foldable, it slips seamlessly into your pocket for on-the-go precision. See the world in a whole new light with the Eschenbach Mobilent LED.

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Pocket-sized power meets magnified wonder with the Eschenbach Mobilent Folding Pocket Magnifier. This 4x, 7x, or 10x magnification marvel empowers you to tackle everyday tasks with newfound clarity. Bi-aspheric lenses deliver crisp, distortion-free views, while the protective case safeguards your magnifier during your adventures. The built-in LED light cuts through the shadows, and the included lanyard keeps it always at hand. Experience the difference of on-the-go focus with the Eschenbach Mobilent.

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Perfect for shopping

This handy magnifier is great when shopping. I don't need to put on my reading glasses to read labels and then take them off to walk down the isles. It is so convenient to wear around your neck. Great Job on this item.