Magno Folding Pocket Magnifier - 3.5x

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Case Color: Blue
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From Eschenbach Optik America, a leader in magnification and lighting products for the visually impaired and blind; the Magno Folding Pocket Magnifier is a very compact and fits easily into a pocket or purse and will go everywhere with you or yourr patient.

Ideal for quick viewing tasks such as reading menus, maps, bills, thermostats, price tags, food ingredients, prescription labels, or other small print.

Each magnifier comes with an attached, colorful leather case to protect the lens from dust or scratches.

Magnification: 3.5x
Diopter: 10D
Lens Type: Biconvex
Lens Material: PXM Plastic
Lens Coating: Duplex Coating
Lens Size: 1.96 in.
Accessories: Built-in soft leather case

Compact Magnification for Everyday Needs

The Magno 3.5x Folding Pocket Magnifier from Eschenbach Optik offers convenient magnification for everyday tasks. Its compact size, featuring a 1.96-inch biconvex lens, makes it easy to carry and use on the go. Whether you're reading menus, maps, or small print on labels and prescriptions, the 3.5x folding pocket magnifier provides clear and comfortable viewing.

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