Magno 6x16mm Monocular

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From Eschenbach:

Magno Monoculars are Keplerian telescopes that are available in 4 powers: 3x, 4x, 6x, and 8x.

Each Magno Monocular comes with a black, protective, storage case (that includes a built-in belt loop), a wrist/neck lanyard which is 8" in length, and a cleaning cloth.

The 4x, shown on this page can be attached to a finger ring which is optionally available.

The 6x, and 8x also include protective end caps. Each telescope is focusable and the magnification power and objective lens size is easily read on the barrel.

Each Magno Monocular can be mounted into the Eschenbach Trial Frame (#1631) or Finger Ring (#1671-1

Magnification: 6x
Lens Size: 16 mm
Field of view: 145/1000m / 8 degrees
Accessories: Black storage case (with built in belt loop) and a wrist/neck lanyard 8

See Closer, See Clearly: Eschenbach Magno 6x16mm Monocular

Experience the world in sharper detail with the Eschenbach Magno 6x16mm Monocular Telescope. This 6x monocular brings distant objects closer, making it ideal for reading small print, road signs, menus, and exploring nature.

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