Folding Dual-Lens Pocket Magnifier - 3x + 6x

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From Eschenbach:

Traditional, technical folding magnifiers provide the high power optics and durability to meet any industry standard. The body is made of reinforced glass-fiber, durable polyaminde, and the air tight body prevents dust from entering the lens, so scratches can be kept to a minimum.

Achromatic Lens - The unique achromatic lens system eliminates extraneous colors. It consists of coated lenses that are cemented together using different types of glass. The result is crystal-clear optics with no color aberration. The mount consists of a black metal lens frame.

Magnification: 3x + 6x = 9x
Lens Type: Achromatic
Lens Material: Glass
Lens Size: 0.9 in.
Miscellaneous: Color aberration- free image

See Clearly, See More: Eschenbach Folding Dual-Lens Pocket Magnifier

Don't compromise on clarity or versatility. The Eschenbach Folding Dual-Lens pocket magnifier empowers you with both 3x and 6x magnification options, delivered through high-quality achromatic lenses. These specially coated lenses eliminate color aberrations, ensuring exceptional clarity and precise viewing of even the finest details.

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Built to meet the demands of professionals and everyday users alike, the Eschenbach Folding Dual-Lens pocket magnifier delivers exceptional performance. Use the 3x and 6x lenses independently, or combine for 9x magnification.

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