Focusable Keplerian Monocular 2.8x9mm

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From Eschenbach:

The Keplerian series is unique in that the telescopes can be used in a variety of ways:

Can be used for distance, intermediate and near use
Unlimited working distances by simply adjusting the focus (from 20 cm to infinity)
Can be used as a hand-held spotting telescope
Can be easily mounted in the ESCHENBACH 1631 frame to do hands-free tasks
Can be mounted in spectacle frames either in your office with our 1625 kit or by an ESCHENBACH approved laboratory
Can be used with 1671-1 finger ring support
Can be used with ESCHENBACH's reading caps using the 1673-02 adapter (for 1673-1 and 1673-2)

Magnification: 2.8x Dist. / 3.4 Near
Lens Type: Keplerian
Lens Material: Achromatic Glass
Lens Coating: Multi-Coating
Mount: Brushed Metal with Rubber Grip
Lens Size: 9 mm
Focal Range: 20 cm+
Field of view: 12.5 Degrees Dist. / 10 Degrees Near
Rx-able: Ocular-side Rx can be added. Order 1622-1 for Rx carrier and mounting tape.
Accessories: Comes with soft black case with zipper closure and carrying cord

See Clearly From a Distance: Eschenbach Focusable 2.8x9mm Monocular

The Eschenbach 2.8x9mm focusable monocular is lightweight and compact, the Monocular easily fits in your pocket or bag, ready for any adventure. The brushed metal housing and comfortable rubber grip ensure secure handling, while multi-coated lenses deliver exceptional clarity and brightness, even in low light.

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