Eschenbach Vision Binoculars (4x or 6x)

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Magnification Level: 4x
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From Eschenbach:
The 4248 Vision Binoculars are compact, lightweight, and ideal for low vision applications as well as for recreational use. They are available in 4x and 6x magnification, both featuring a unique near point of 20 inches providing a detailed image at short distances.

The Vision Binoculars include high quality BK-7 prisms and multi-layer coating which provide a true color image. They are easily adjustable and include a large focus wheel that allows for smooth manual focusing from near to far.

The elegant design makes the Vision Binoculars ideal for everyday use. Each pair comes with an around-the-neck lanyard which can be attached to the eyelets located on each side of the product. A protective case with belt loop is also included.

Magnification: 4x or 6x
Lens Size: 18 mm lens diameter
Focal Range: 20 in. near point
Weight: 5.6 oz.
Warranty: 5 Years
Accessories: Around the neck lanyard and protective case with belt loop included

Video: Vision Binoculars with Individual Focusing

Experience the Quality: Eschenbach Vision Binoculars

Enhance your theater experience with the Eschenbach Vision Binoculars. Available in 4x and 6x, these compact binoculars are tailor-made for indoor viewing, ensuring you capture every detail of the opera, ballet, or play even in low-light environments. The high-quality optics deliver stunning clarity, while the lightweight design ensures fatigue-free comfort throughout the show.

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Elevate your theater enjoyment with the Eschenbach Vision Binoculars 6x. These binoculars boast superior optics, bringing the performance closer than ever before. Ideal for dimly lit venues, these high-quality binoculars deliver vibrant, crisp visuals, allowing you to appreciate every nuance of the actors' expressions and intricate set designs.

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