Eschenbach Loupe Magnifier 3x - 10x

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Magnification Level: 3x
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From Eschenbach:

This product is ideal as a watchmaker's magnifier or gemstone magnifier. It includes vent to prevent condensation and is made of flame resistant plastic, PXM lightweight lens wth duplex anti-static, scratch resistant coaching. It comes in the color anthracite.

Magnification: 3x-10x Options
Lens Type: PXM Plastic
Lens Coating: Duplex Coating
Lens Size: 0.9 in.
Color: anthracite

Versatile Magnification for Professionals and Hobbyists: Eschenbach Loupe Magnifiers

The Eschenbach Loupe Magnifier offers a variety of magnification options, ranging from 3x to 10x, to suit your specific needs. Each large, 0.9-inch lens is crafted from PXM plastic for exceptional clarity and distortion-free viewing. The duplex coating provides scratch and flame resistance for lasting durability.

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This Eschenbach loupe magnifier is designed for both professional and hobbyist use. The loupe's flame-resistant PXM plastic construction ensures long-lasting performance, while the integrated vent prevents fogging for clear viewing in any environment.

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