Bright Field 1.8x Glass Dome Magnifier 2.5"

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The 1421 Bright Field magnifier is a dome magnifier with planoconvex lens and optical quality glass. Dome magnifiers provide double the surface brightness and when used with reading glasses the magnification doubles at the same reading distance. The 1421 Bright Field magnifier provides 1.8x magnification and offers a durable, scratch resistant lens. It also has a red guide line that can be adhered to the lens. All Bright Field magnifiers also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Magnification: 1.8x
Lens Type: Planoconvex
Lens Material: Optical quality glass
Lens Coating: Scratch-resistant
Mount: Matte finished edge
Lens-to-Image Distance: 1.96 in.
Transverse Mag/Enlargement: 1.7x
Lens Size: 2.55 in. (65 mm)
Warranty: Manufacturer's Limited lifetime warranty
Includes: Drawstring pouch included (can also be used for cleaning the lens)

Enhanced Clarity: Eschenbach Bright Field 1.8x 2.55" Dome Magnifier

Experience superior magnification with the Eschenbach Bright Field 1.8x 2.55" Dome Magnifier. This generously sized dome magnifier boasts a premium optical glass lens with 1.8x magnification, delivering a large, bright, and distortion-free view.

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