Bar Magnifier w/ Guide Line 2x - 4.8"

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From Eschenbach:

Bar Magnifiers provide shadow-free viewing for reading over long periods of time and are ideal for reading rows of text and other detailed work. The 2606 provides a higher magnification due to its aspheric surface. It features a 2x magnification which is the highest magnification now available in bar magnifiers.

A special red line guide is included to help with orientation and it has a scratch-resistant underside. It can also be used with the Visomax 2636-11.

Magnification: 2x
Diopter: 4D
Lens Type: Aspheric
Lens Material: PXM Plastic
Lens Size: 4.8 in. x 1.02 in. (122 x 26 mm)
Warranty: Manufacturer's Limited lifetime warranty
Miscellaneous: Includes a red line guide

Introducing the 2x Eschenbach Bar Magnifier - 4.8"

This compact Eschenbach magnifier offers powerful 2x magnification for clear, shadow-free reading. Its 4.8-inch size makes it convenient to carry, This bar magnifier features a red guide line assists with reading orientation, making it a great tool for individuals with low vision.

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