VarioPLUS Prism Monocular 8x32mm

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From Eschenbach:

The VarioPLUS prism monocular is a hand-held spotting telescope that can also be used as a stand microscope. It features a Keplerian roof prism system with multi-coated lenses, a high level of light transmission and a dust-proof metal housing. A 3x stand magnifier is included with the telescope which provides 24x magnification when attached. With an 8 degree field of view, and 8x magnification, it can be used in a variety of ways:

First, as a hand-held telescope to detect details at a distance such as street names, house numbers, or road signs
Second, as a hand-held microscope for close-up (short focus) viewing
Third, as a stand microscope of up to 25x

Magnification: 8x
Lens Type: Keplerian
Lens Material: Achromatic Glass
Lens Coating: Multi-Coating
Mount: Brushed Metal with Rubber Grip
Lens Size: 1.25 in. (32 mm)
Focal Range: 70 cm+
Field of view: 8 Degrees
Weight: 2.11 oz.
Accessories: Black leather protective case with belt loop and carrying cord (included)
Miscellaneous: May be Converted into 3x Stand Magnifier (Plastic Stand Included); Combined Magnification is 25x

See Better, Far or Near: Eschenbach VarioPLUS 8x32mm Monocular

Durable and lightweight, the VarioPLUS boasts a dust-proof metal housing and a comfortable rubber grip for easy handling. Discover the joy of magnified possibilities – order your Eschenbach VarioPLUS monocular today!

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