Microlux 4x13mm Monocular Telescope

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From Eschenbach:

Designed for single-hand use, this compact monocular telescope is ideal for quick spotting tasks such as reading signs, viewing sporting events and many other leisure activities. Simply squeeze the casing once and the Microlux lens expands for use. Squeeze it once again, and the lens retracts into its protective case.

The Microlux telescope is lightweight and inconspicuous making it easy to carry around in a purse or pocket. The rubber grip provides a comfortable holding position and allows for single handed use. The keplerian roof prism system features blue multi-coated lenses and provides a 13 degree field of view with a fixed focus.

An additional feature includes the ability to use it in reverse so that it acts as a field expander, which will prove ideal for those with restricted visual fields.

Magnification: 4x
Lens Type: Keplerian
Lens Material: Achromatic Glass
Lens Coating: Multi-Coating
Mount: Rubberized Coating
Lens Size: 0.51 in. (13mm)
Focal Range: 1 m+
Field of view: 13 degrees
Weight: 2.25 oz.
Dimensions: Open: 2'' x 1'' x 2'' (LxWxH) Closed: 2'' x 1'' x 1.25''
Warranty: 5-year warranty

See More, Carry Less: Eschenbach Microlux 4x13mm Monocular Telescope

Experience the world in greater detail with the Eschenbach Microlux 4x13mm Monocular Telescope. This compact monocular delivers 4x magnification, making distant objects instantly clearer.

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