Visomax Tiltable Stand Magnifier - 3.8x

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From Eschenbach:

The rectangular, large field lens of the Viso-lux 2636-11 is ideal for reading and writing. The Viso-lux 2636-11 includes: Aspheric PXM® lightweight lens with cera-tec® coating, an open base for handwriting, and has a transparent plastic base for clear, bright viewing.

The 2636-11 features 7D aspheric lens with "snap-on" 4D lens attached underneath, 4D "snap-on" lens can be easily removed for greater working space for tasks such as handwriting.

Magnification: 3.8x
Diopter: 11D
Lens Type: Aspheric
Lens Material: PXM Plastic
Lens Coating: Cera-tec Coating
Lens-to-Image Distance: 8.46 in.
Transverse Mag/Enlargement: 3x
Max. Allow. Add: 4.9D
Lens Size: 3.93 in. x 1.96 in.
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty
Miscellaneous: Open base for writing instrument, tiltable lens, 4D snap-on lens is detachable

Clear, Bright Viewing for Reading and Writing

Discover the Visomax Tiltable 3.8x Stand Magnifier from Eschenbach, perfect for reading and writing. This magnifier features a large rectangular aspheric PXM® lightweight lens with cera-tec® coating for crystal-clear, bright viewing. The open base design allows easy handwriting, while the removable "snap-on" 4D lens offers extra working space for detailed tasks.

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