Haven® Summerwood FL-41 Sunglasses - Black Frames (L)

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Light Absorption: 50% - Light Rose
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From Eschenbach:

The FL-41 Rose Filters are designed to help those with light sensitivity due to migraines, traumatic brain injury and other eye conditions. The rose color lenses reduce glare and provide eye relief. There are 3 frame styles to choose from, each of which feature bend-to-fit temples for a comfortable fit.

They are available in two lens tint colors - Light Rose and Dark Rose. The Light Rose tint color is recommended for indoor use and has a light transmission of 50%. The Dark Rose tint color is recommended for outdoor use and has approximately 25% light transmission. Both of the rose filters block 100% of UVA/ UVB light.

There are three FL-41 frame styles available: Haven® Summerwood (Large), Haven® Meridian (Medium) and SolarComfort®. The Haven frames are both fit-over styles which include top and side shields and are designed to fit over prescription glasses. The SolarComfort® frame is a wrap-around style, with rubber nose pads, designed to be worn alone.

All FL-41 Rose Filters include bend-to-fit temples providing a comfortable, custom fit and each pair comes with a microfiber pouch that can be used to clean the lenses as well.

Style: Black Haven Summerwood Large (fits-over) Frame
Tint Color: Light Rose or Dark Rose
Light Transmission: 50% Light Rose or 25% Dark Rose
Dimensions: Fits over size: 138 x 50 mm
Warranty: 1 Year
Accessories: Microfiber pouch included

Find Relief From Light Sensitivity with FL-41 Migraine Glasses

Do bright lights trigger migraines, light sensitivity, or photophobia? Eschenbach's Haven® Summerwood FL-41 Sunglasses offer clinically-proven relief. FL-41 lenses use a special rose tint to reduce discomfort.

Choose Light Rose for indoors or Dark Rose for outdoors. These FL-41 migraine glasses block irritating light wavelengths and improve contrast for sharper vision. They fit comfortably over your prescription glasses and block 100% UVA/UVB rays for complete protection.

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FL-41 Light Sensitivity Glasses: See the World Comfortably Again

Experience the comfort of Eschenbach's Haven® Summerwood FL-41 Light Sensitivity Sunglasses. Designed for people with migraines, light sensitivity, and photophobia, these FL-41 glasses feature a rose tint that reduces glare and discomfort. FL-41 technology filters specific blue and green light wavelengths known to trigger migraines. They also improve contrast for better vision.

The Haven® Summerwood style fits over your prescription glasses comfortably and blocks 100% UVA/UVB rays, making them ideal for everyday use.

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