Elumentis LED Desk Lamp

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Elumentis LED Lamp
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The Elumentis LED Lamp provides bright, adjustable illumination with intuitive operation. It’s a great option for those with low vision because it allows users to select the optimal light color temperature and brightness level they need to maximize their viewing environment and it can be easily adjusted for different lighting needs.

The energy-efficient LEDs are long-lasting (25,000 hours), dimmable, and provide light in three different color temperatures - from the warm white 2700K, to neutral white 4800K, to cool white 6400K. The color can be selected by using the easy-to-feel buttons on the lamp base and the brightness level can be set independently on each color temperature.

The Elumentis LED lamp extends up to 21 inches tall and can reach over most computer monitors to provide illumination onto a computer keyboard. It is also adjustable in multiple areas allowing the user to position the light exactly where needed. The lamp head tilts in several directions (swivels 180 degrees and rotates +/- 45 degrees) and the lamp arm can be moved from the top and bottom joints. It also folds down to just 2.5 inches high for maximum portability and storage.

This unique lamp not only offers a high color rendering index and shadow-free illumination due to the multi-layer diffuser over the LEDs, but also has an ambient light option that provides illumination from the top of the lamp head which can help brighten a room.

The sturdy base has anti-slip pads on the bottom to increase stability and protect sensitive surfaces it may be placed on.

Illumination: LED Illumination with diffuser (dimmable or can select among 5 presets: 100%, 80%, 60%, 40% and 20%; can be set individually for each color temperature and remains stored)
Power Source: AC
Weight: 4 lbs. 1 oz.
Tint Color: 3 Color temperature options: 2700K (220 lumen), 4800K (1000 lumen), 6400K (640 lumen)
Dimensions: Height: 21 in. (Folds down to 2.5 in. high)
Viewing Modes: Lamp with direct light or ambient light from the top
Warranty: 2 Year

Video: Introducing The Elumentis LED Desk Lamp

Fight Eye Strain with Perfect Lighting: Elumentis LED Desk Lamp

Eschenbach's Elumentis LED Desk Lamp tackles eye strain with its superior adjustability. Choose from 3 color temperatures and multiple brightness levels to create the perfect light for any task.

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