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Logickeyboard PC Braille keyboard Bluetooth

Logickeyboard has designed an innovative braille keyboard for the visually impaired. This keyboard will help blind users navigate a keyboard to make their lives easier. It can also assist users who are learning braille.

The braille keyboard is uniquely crafted to be incredibly durable, outlasting any other braille solution.

A small and handy Bluetooth Mini Keyboard for PC.

78 (ANSI) / 79 (ISO) keys Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
Suitable for Windows PC
Bluetooth version 3.0
Operating distance: Up to 10 m ~ 32,8 feet
Type X-switch structured keyboard
2 x AAA batteries
Operating current: <4mA
Operating voltage: <3,3V
RF output power: 4dBm Max
Physical dimensions: 287 mm x 121 mm x 22 mm / 11.2 inches x 4.7 inches x 0.9 inches
Weight: 315 g ~ 11.1 oz
Letter width 10 mm ~ 3/8"
Letter height 10 mm ~ 3/8

LogicKeyboard Braille Keyboard

Accessible Computing: LogicKeyboard Braille Bluetooth Keyboard for PC

The LogicKeyboard Braille Mini Bluetooth PC Keyboard offers unparalleled accessibility for blind or visually impaired PC users. With its compact design and full set of Braille keys, it provides seamless typing and editing capabilities. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity and extensive customization options, including key remapping and macro creation, this keyboard is ideal for users seeking convenience and efficiency in everyday computing tasks.

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Customized Accessibility: LogicKeyboard Braille Bluetooth Keyboard for PC

Experience enhanced accessibility with the LogicKeyboard Braille Mini Bluetooth PC Keyboard. Tailored for blind or visually impaired PC users, it combines a compact size with a complete set of Braille keys and standard PC keyboard functions. With Bluetooth connectivity and customizable key mapping, including macro creation, this keyboard offers unmatched adaptability for both novice and experienced users, ensuring a seamless computing experience.

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