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From LogicKeyboard:

Meet ALBA - our dedicated Apple® Large Print keyboard

With a built-in chip made specifically for macOS®, the new ALBA Large Print keyboard is pure plug & play. No need for drivers and tedious setup.
The keyboard has a built-in macOS® chip and is fully compatible with macOS.

We’re big believers in plug & play, which is why we went to great lengths to build a chip that ensures easy keyboard setup.

Easy on the eye
Our Large Print ALBA keyboard is a large character keyboard with high contrast lettering. The keyboard is perfect for visually impaired and low visions people.

On-point ergonomics
We partnered with an ergonomic therapist to determine ALBA’s optimum angle. The solution: a typing angle of 8.5 degrees with leg lift, and 4.5 degrees without leg lift.
Key travel can't be too big or too small, so our new ALBA keyboard has what we believe is the perfect key travel: 4mm.

Scissor-Switch Keys
The scissor-Switch mechanism gives each key increased stability during typing.

Two built-in USB-ports
We love convenience! That’s why the wired ALBA keyboard has two built-in USB 2.0 ports.

USB wired connection interface
Plug and Play connectivity
Two built-in USB 2.0 ports
USB ports support 100mA each
Scissors switch key mechanism
Key travel 4 mm
Lift extender legs on the back
Typing angle 8.5° with leg lift and 4.5° without leg lift
3 LED indicators for; Caps Lock, fn Lock and Power
Certifications FCC and CE

Length 446 mm ~ 17.6 inches
Width 141 mm ~ 5.6 inches
Height 23 mm ~ 0.9 inches
Weight 840 g ~ 29.6 oz
Cable length 1.5 m ~ 59 inches
Letter width 10 mm ~ 3/8"
Letter height 13 mm ~ 1/2"

A Closer Look LargePrint White on Black ALBA Keyboard

Enhanced Visibility with ALBA LargePrint White on Black Keyboard

Improve typing accuracy and reduce eye strain with the ALBA LargePrint White on Black Keyboard for Mac. Featuring large, high-contrast lettering, this keyboard ensures easy readability, even in low-light environments. Ideal for users with visual impairments or anyone seeking enhanced typing speed and accuracy, it offers plug-and-play compatibility with its built-in macOS chip, ergonomic design with an 8.5-degree typing angle, and scissor-switch keys for increased stability, providing the ultimate typing experience for Mac users.

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Comfortable Typing Solution: ALBA LargePrint White on Black Keyboard for Mac

Discover comfort and efficiency with the ALBA LargePrint White on Black Keyboard for Mac. Designed for reduced fatigue and improved typing accuracy, this keyboard boasts an ergonomic typing angle of 8.5 degrees, catering to the needs of most users. Its large print keys with high-contrast lettering ensure easy visibility, while the built-in macOS chip enables seamless plug-and-play compatibility. With two built-in USB 2.0 ports and a scissor-switch key mechanism for stability, this keyboard offers a smooth and responsive typing experience, making it the perfect choice for Mac users seeking comfort and performance.

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