Acunis FL-41 Light Sensitivity Glasses - Brown Tortoise Acetate Frames

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Light Absorption: 25%
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From Eschenbach:

The Acunis FL-41 filters are designed to protect against unpleasant glare and help those with light sensitivity due to migraines, traumatic brain injury and other eye conditions. Acute light sensitivity is a common side effect of migraines and other eye diseases and can aggravate their symptoms.

In contrast to conventional sunglass lenses which attenuate all light wavelengths evenly, the Acunis lenses reduce the transmission of select light wavelengths responsible for glare, thereby providing a more comfortable viewing experience.

The Acetate Brown Tortoise frames are lightweight and feature adjustable rubber nose pads for a comfortable fit.

Lens Material - CR-39 Optical Quality Lenses
Light Absorption - 25%, 50%, or 75% Options Available
Mount - Acetate Frame
Frame Color - Brown Tortoise
Temple Size - 140 mm
Bridge Size - 20 mm
Lens Size - 53 mm
Rx-able - Yes
Tint Color - Rose

Find Relief from Light Sensitivity with Eschenbach Acunis FL-41 Glasses

Eschenbach Acunis FL-41 Light Sensitivity Glasses offer stylish relief from discomfort and eye strain caused by bright lights. Their FL-41 technology filters specific wavelengths of blue and green light, which can be particularly bothersome for individuals with light sensitivity, migraines, or photophobia. This targeted filtration helps to:

  • Reduce discomfort and eye strain
  • Improve visual comfort and potentially improve visual acuity by enhancing contrast and sharpness

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Classic Style Meets Modern Technology

The Eschenbach Acunis FL-41 Light Sensitivity Glasses feature:

  • Elegant brown tortoise acetate frames for a touch of timeless style
  • Lightweight construction for comfortable wear
  • Adjustable rubber nose pads for a personalized fit
  • Available in 25%, 50%, and 75% light absorption levels to tailor to your needs

Experience the difference FL-41 technology can make. Order your Eschenbach Acunis FL-41 Light Sensitivity Glasses today!

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