General White Cane Size Guidance:

 Your Height (IN)
Mobility Cane (IN)
ID Cane (IN)


There is no one answer for how long your cane should be.  Properly sizing a cane depends on how it will be used.  Generally, a mobility cane will be longer than an ID cane; and within each of those categories there are usage considerations that need to be taken into account.

Mobility Canes

Mobility canes are longer than ID canes as they are primarily used to probe and explore the environment in front of the user.  It is important that the user receives feedback from their white cane in enough time to react to it.  For this reason, we recommend that a cane reach somewhere between the users armpit and chin. 

Someone who uses their cane for constant probing and navigation, and who walks quickly will want a longer cane possibly as tall as nose-height. Someone who uses their cane for occasional exploration, and as an ID cane the rest of the time would find a sternum-hight cane easier to use.

 ID/Symbol Canes

ID canes offer the user more flexibility in sizing.  If a user never uses their white cane for probing and exploration, a cane as short as 36" could be appropriate. 

For most users, though, the cane needs to be long enough to feel for curbs and obstacles, but doesn't need to be as long as a full mobility cane.  For this reason, the cane should come up to the users armpit at minimum; and should not extend above the sternum.  The heavier the mobility use, the longer your cane should be.


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